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Personality Development Facilitation [PDF] is an independent training body. Our focus area lies on improving training methodology in global corporate community.


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Emotional Support is always needed. It is difficult to face all issues alone. We need someone to guide us and take us in the right path. Many at times, we cannot share our issues with our Spouse, Children, Parents, Friends or Colleagues. We need a common catalyst - Counsellors, who will help us to face the issues with open heart. Counsellors will give cent percent trust & faith to the counselees so that they can share whatever is there in their heart. Counselling is not about advising. It is all about igniting the strength to the counselee to face the problems and bring solutions for the same.

CAPSULE - CENTER FOR EMOTIONAL SUPPORT will help their counselees to be more confident and brave in facing their crisis.

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Children Counselling

  • Help Children to understand their issues
  • Help in giving them more confidence and power to face this stage
  • Help them in knowing what troubles them and facilitate them to come out of it
  • Help them to resolve the conflicts which they have with parents, teachers, friends etc.., and make them emotionally comfortable
  • Help them to solve their intra-personal conflicts
  • Help them to choose the right path and right career
  • Help them by providing right comfort at the right time

Parental Counselling

  • To help parents in understanding their children better
  • To guide them in a proper way to make their life better
  • To enhance their children's potential and make them emotionally stable
  • To make them grow as what they want to be
  • To help in overcoming their emotional turmoil

General Counselling

  • This helps people to come out with their issues well
  • They do not have to fear for anything as whatever they discuss will be kept confidential
  • After the session, the level of confidence in facing the issue will be improved
  • They can grow emotionally strong
  • Happiness will be blossomed once they share their issues after counselling

Pre-Marital & Post-Marital Counselling

  • Can identify the reasons for people who are not interested in the marriage
  • Emotional blockages can be resolved
  • Can resolve problems on post-marital issues
  • Help them to understand their present state of affairs and make them to mutually get convinced
  • Find the issues and help them to get resolved. Secret of Successful Marriage can be set right in their life

NLP - Neuro linguistic programming

It is an approach to develop ones personality, communication and build confidence in them. It is mainly used for counselling and empowering people to do better.

Pre-Marital & Post-Marital Counselling

NLP is helpful in

  • Identifying ones problem
  • Enhance the effectiveness within them
  • Power of imagination
  • Imbibing Positive Energy
  • Self Development
  • Professional Development
  • Happiness within
  • Personality Change
  • Happiness in personal life
  • Confidence in handing the crisis