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Personality Development Facilitation [PDF] is an independent training body. Our focus area lies on improving training methodology in global corporate community.


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Coaching For Leaders & CXOs

Debrief Of Coaching:

It is good to have a professional coaches for leaders who are dwelling with a myth that the organization is running because of them & by creating the dependency & not making the team or the organization to go to the next level needs immediate correction. This correction cannot be done by a boss or collogue. This can be done by an external party who is non-judgmental, who can create a good rapport with those leaders, bring a psychological change & make them HPD [High Potential Drivers].

Benefit of the program:

Benefit for the Leader

  • Positive psychological shift
  • See things proactively
  • Trust in himself
  • Changed Leadership format
  • Showing empathy
  • Aiming for Team Satisfaction
  • Consistent Assertiveness
  • Showcasing Progress
  • High Level Benchmarking
  • Catering Management’s expectations

Benefit for the Team

  • Trust with boss will enhance
  • Frequent communication
  • Better Review Mechanism
  • Progressive “Feed-Forward”
  • Better Connectivity
  • Technical Enhancement
  • More Empowerment
  • Increase in Accountability
  • Thinking not to QUIT
  • Shift from Concern to Connect with boss

Benefit for the Management

  • Better productivity in the department/team
  • Reduce in attrition [Both Physical & Mental]
  • Positive Energy in the team
  • Shift to Assertive Leaders from Adamant leaders
  • “Better Place to Best Place Transformation”

Process Of Coaching

  • Here we take the confidential feedback survey from minimum of 15 people to 45 people based on the size of the people. This will have
    • Immediate boss & Super Boss, if needed
    • Peers
    • Team Members
    • Subordinates
    • HR
    • Consultant [Through Signature & Handwriting Analysis]
  • The questionnaire will be framed based on Observation & needs from the management
  • Once the feedback is collected, the consolidation of data will happen & that will be segmented in two crafts
    • Positive Report
    • Feed-forward Report [Which would include areas of improvement]
    • Detailed analysis
  • One to one detailed mentoring with the concerned for his way forward
  • Successful realization & plan of actions